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    Welcome to Mohanamma Technology Private Limited, a dynamic force in the world of electrical components and solutions. Since our inception, we have been at the forefront of importing and supplying top-quality products to meet the evolving needs of industries worldwide. Here's a glimpse into who we are and what sets us apart:



    🌐 Our Identity: Mohanamma Technology Private Limited is more than just a business; we are a dedicated team of professionals driven by a passion for excellence. Our commitment to providing superior electrical components and fostering innovation has made us a trusted name in the industry.


    πŸ”Œ Connecting Excellence: As one of the largest importers, we specialize in connectors and terminals from renowned brands such as Tyco, Molex, KET, JST, Sumitomo, Delphi, KUM, Yazaki, Hella, and more. Our product portfolio also extends to Heat Shrink Tubes, Wire Cutting & Stripping machines, Crimping machines, Hand Tools, Hot Air Guns, and various other essential components.


    πŸ† Certified Quality: We take pride in our ISO 9001:2015 certification, a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality. This certification reflects our dedication to maintaining the highest standards in cable harness manufacturing for the automotive industry.


    🏭 Manufacturing Excellence in Tirupathi: Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Tirupathi, a city known for its rich cultural heritage, serves as the hub for precision and reliability. This facility enables us to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients.


    🌍 Global Reach, Local Touch: With a decade of experience, we have developed strong global partnerships and adopted a direct-from-manufacturer approach. This ensures that our clients benefit from cost-competitive solutions without compromising on the quality and reliability they expect.


    🌱 Sustainability and Partnership: At Mohanamma Technology, we believe in fostering long-term relationships. We actively support our clients in reducing wastage and implementing cost-control techniques. Sustainability is not just a corporate buzzword for us; it's a commitment we integrate into every aspect of our business.


    🀝 Diversified Ventures for Comprehensive Solutions: Beyond our core offerings, we have ventured into joint partnerships for plastic molding, transformers, inductors, and various engineering components. This diversification allows us to provide comprehensive solutions, serving as a reliable one-stop destination for our clients.


    Join us on a journey where excellence is not merely a goal but a standard we uphold. At Mohanamma Technology Private Limited, we are dedicated to powering your success through seamless connections, unmatched quality, and a relentless pursuit of innovation.


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And these are our principles

We are the largest Importers Work and Exporters of Connectors, Terminals and more Automotive and Electronic Components.

We import only from direct manufacturer to ensure the quality of the products and tractability.


Company Profile

Snap Shots:

β€’ Government registered establishment.

β€’ Professionally Managed Company having wide network and contacts in the field of industrial relations.

β€’ GST, IE Code, PAN.

β€’ Large Scale Industrie.

β€’ ISO 9001:2015.

We Offer:

β€’ All type of Electrical Components.

β€’ All type of CNC machined components.

β€’ All type of electronics and components winding and sub Assembly works.

β€’ All type components used in wiring Harness

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